(Book) Born for this – Chris Guillebeau

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A book that actually takes the pressure off ‘finding your passion’. It’s not so much about finding and focusing on the one thing that you were born for. It’s more about trying different things, taking calculated risks and thinking about the future. A good book if you’re still working for someone else, feel stuck and don’t quite know what to … Read More

How to become a private investigator: Break into the industry with little or no experience

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How to become a private investigator

So, you want to know how to become a private investigator? Great! You have a desire to enter one of the most exciting professions available. One where no two days are the same. One where you are constantly challenged and need to remain alert and engaged. One where you’ll regularly stop and think ‘…and I’m actually getting paid for this!’ … Read More

Fulfilling one of your dreams (lessons learned)

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A couple of years ago I fulfilled a lifelong dream and became a private investigator. With almost no experience I entered one of the most difficult professions to get into. In doing so I learnt a few things about doing something huge. Something that you’ve always wanted to do, something that may seem impossible, fulfilling one of your dreams.   … Read More

What would life look like if it were simple?

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Life can be complicated. We get that. We expect that. Do we sometimes make ‘complicated’ the default though? What if ‘simple’ was our default? What would life look like if our decisions were made with forethought and rationality? Less would be more. We’d carefully think before acquiring more possessions because more stuff means more worry and more complication. Each time … Read More

(Book) Tribe – Sebastian Junger

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An interesting take on how we live in the modern world compared to how our ancestors lived. Individual vs. tribal societies and the role of war and initiation rites. Tribe – Sebastian Junger. These are the ideas that I took away: Introduction How do you become and adult in a society that doesn’t ask for sacrifice. How do you become a … Read More

(Book) What matters now – things to think about (and do) this year

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I’ve just finished this great little booklet about what matters, from various thought leaders such as Seth Godin, Kevin Kelly, Arianna Huffington, Guy Kawasaki, Steve Pressfield, Derek Sivers and more. You can find it here: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/files/what-matters-now-1.pdf It’s only 82 pages so you should read the whole thing, but the highlights for me were: Generosity – Seth Godin When the economy … Read More

The long and the short of it…

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Here is a random fact. The Dutch overall are the tallest people in the world. The average height of a Dutchman is 6-foot 1 inch. So, this begs one question; where on earth did all those Dutch genes disappear on me? No, that wasn’t the question I was thinking of but is another side issue because of my mish mash … Read More

Flying sardines and anti-jetlag

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Long haul flights are not fun. That may sound like the understatement of the trip, but it must be said just in case you think I’m the type of traveller who defines ‘well travelled’ as the most amount of miles covered in the shortest amount of time. Flying really is a means to an end, unless of course something interesting … Read More

Farewells, pro wrestlers, and a punch in the nose

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Have you ever had the feeling that the event you’re looking forward to has already passed? Like your ‘going away party’ is actually a ‘welcome back party’? That’s how I felt at mine anyway. I think I had prepared myself so well for my trip (mentally I mean, well as mentally prepared as this brain can get…) that the party … Read More