What is WekaCo?

WekaCo is a place for me to collect my thoughts on business, values, travel, lifestyle, family, learning and contribution.

I’m passionate about effective small business. I see business as an enabler to help free you to focus on the more important things in life.

What are the more important things? Family, health, fitness, values, faith, contribution, relationships, joy, travel, learning… If you don’t have these things sorted and prioritised then you’ll spend your life chasing things that don’t really matter.

Once you have financial freedom you create the time freedom to work on these other things. I’ve optimised my finances, through having my own business, and I’m excited to share these ideas and see other people do the same thing.

Ultimately, WekaCo is about freedom. Financial freedom, freedom to find out and concentrate on what you really value, freedom to question, freedom to learn, freedom to contribute.

So take a look at the business resources, have a read through the blog, check out the eBooks and guides, and feel free to get in touch.


From the blog

Take a look at my latest posts on financial freedom, family, lifestyle and purpose.

Weka organisations

Organisations and companies Kurt owns, manages, helps or invests in.


Polycarbonate roofing

WhatHope Trust

Charitable trust and social enterprise

Waikite Valley Lodge

Short term holiday accommodation

Paragon Investigations

Licensed Private Investigators

Auckland Officers’ Club

For current and former military officers


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+64 9 390 4414

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